The DRI Landscape

Monday 18th March, 2024

The opening day will introduce the event and end with networking and discussion.

Lunch 12:00-13:00

What better way to start a conference than with food? Pick up your name badge, say hello to colleagues, and fuel up for an afternoon of ideas and inspiration.

Session 1: The DRI context

We start the week with the obligatory “What is Digital Research Infrastructure(DRI)?” panel.

With representatives from each corner of the DRI triangle we will discuss the roles, challenges and opportunities available to DRI Professionals. Particularly on the value we have to each other and the institutes we work in.

Panellists: Alan Real, Kirsty Lingstadt, Louise Chisholm, Martin Callaghan, Kate Royse

Break 14:30-15:00

Session 2: The DRI landscape

What are the resources available to us as DRI professionals?

As DRI professionals we are a gateway to many resources and skills across the academic institution landscape but we also have many resources available to us. This panel will paint a picture of the resources available that can make our lives easier and outputs more impactful, finishing with some valuable comments on how you can access them.

Panellists: Alan Real, Kirsty Lingstadt, Louise Chisholm, Stewart Clark, Kate Royse, Andrew (Ed) Edmondson, Tomas Lazauskas

Networking/open table discussions

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